Ensemble CMC™

  • Trapezium-sparing, Stemless Design
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedure
  • Bone-friendly Pyrocarbon Material
Ensemble CMC implant sizes

The Ensemble CMC™ is an interpositional device that is inserted in the joint space between the first metacarpal and the trapezium. The slim profile of the device allows for separation of the damaged articular surface without extensive bone resection or disruption of the surrounding soft tissues. The proprietary saddle-shaped design of the Ensemble CMC™ allows for stable, natural thumb motion.

The Ensemble CMC™ is manufactured from On-X® Carbon (pyrocarbon) – a proven biocompatible, low modulus, and durable material that has been shown to cause less bone wear compared to metal or ceramic implants. The Ensemble CMC™ is available in three sizes. A simple instrument set is also available.

Ensemble CMC implant sizes