• Elastic Modulus Similar to Cortical Bone
  • Durable with Low Wear Properties
  • Extensive History as Medical Implant
Pyrocarbon elastic modulus and manufacturing process

Ensemble implants are constructed from pyrocarbon (also known as pyrolytic carbon), a unique form of carbon that has been used for many years in heart valves and is gaining increasing acceptance in orthopedics due to its combination of outstanding mechanical properties and unparalleled biocompatibility.

On-X® Carbon is a proprietary form of pyrocarbon made by On-X Life Technologies, Inc. On-X® Carbon is produced by vapor coating a graphite core in a high temperature reactor so that an approximately 1mm thick layer of pyrocarbon completely encapsulates the original core. The resultant implant has an elastic modulus similar to that of cortical bone and is both strong and wear resistant. Extensive laboratory and preclinical testing has demonstrated that pyrocarbon, bearing against bone, exhibits superior wear properties to either metal or ceramic surfaces.

Pyrocarbon elastic modulus and manufacturing process

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